Biodiversity in Kanazawa - Book

This is the book that completed the video documentary "A Book of Seasons - A Year in Kanazawa". A research project by the United Nations University, Ishikawa - Kanazawa Unit. The book was made by the Media Centre, Office of Communications team in Tokyo during 2010.

The book Biodiversity in Kanazawa is a research project by United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS). It is part of a series that completed the 54 minutes video documentary A Book of Seasons – A Year in Kanazawa, available on YouTube.
Developed by the United Nations University Media Centre, Tokyo. Art direction, photo curation and project management by Curtis Christophersen; design, production and illustrations by David Jimenez. Seasonal and title calligraphy by Norimichi Fujimoto.
Photography sourced from documentary footage made by cinematographer Ryo Murakami, historical archives of the City of Kanazawa, and Creative Commons licensed photos via online sources.
To see more about the project and DVD package and the video documentary, go here.
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